We all know how discouraging and disappointing it can be when we don’t pass a test. Sometimes it makes us want to not try again afterwards. Well, I’m going to share with you how an unsatisfactory test score can be used to your advantage when you retake it.

When the results weren’t what you desired, the process you took to get there still created an array of effective strategies. You know most of the material you were tested on fairly well, and you know what the test questions are like.

You might also have run short of time when you took the test the first time, so you can better manage your time in the future. One strategy I always recommend is to start off with the easier test questions you know and gradually build your way up to the more challenging ones. This allows you to gain some momentum. Also don’t spend more than one minute on one test question. And if you haven’t found the right answer, skip the question and return to it at later.

Also when you start studying for a retake of your exam begin by studying the material you do Not quite understand or that you are struggling with. Reviewing and re-studying material that you already know may seem like an intuitive practice, but it is a superstition based around fear of forgetting what you learned. Reviewing the east stuff first is an ineffective because you want to improve and reinforce your pre-existing body of knowledge you built before you took your exam for the first time. The way to do that is to find your weaker areas of study and devote your time and energy to reviewing the harder stuff first and foremost. Because that will better prepare you for your retake and those areas of improvement will propel you to victory. Remember that the only time reviewing what you already know should be reserved for the end of a study session, only if you forget something and need to refer to it.

Continue practicing the study strategies that proved successful for you, and them and keep honing them for your next test. You will make it.