One way to gain an edge over the overwhelming task of passing a test with high stakes is to learn to decode the test questions.

The key is to approach the test questions in a new and non-traditional way. Instead of answering the questions in chronological order, start by answering questions you know first. This will help to build your confidence throughout your exam and help you gain momentum. It also helps you work through the exam more efficiently because you are not devoting a lot of your time on just one question.

Feel free to skip the difficult questions you may struggle with and return to them after you’ve answered all the questions you know. Remember to mark the questions you skipped so that you remember to return to them once you’ve worked through the entire exam. Remember, your goal is to maximize your chances of a passing score, and that means answering every question on the test.

Don’t be afraid to skip the harder questions you’ve marked more than once. I once had to take an exam that consisted of 300 multiple choice questions. I was given 3 hours to complete it, and I skipped about 8 of those questions 5 times before I made a definitive decision to which answers were correct.

If you still are unsure as to what the correct answer for a difficult question is, then make your best guess as to what it is. Remember, your goal is maximize your chance of a passing score. Therefore if you make your best educated guess on a question you can’t find a definitive answer, you still have a 1 in 4, or 1 in 5 chance of answering correctly.