If there is one act of human behavior that is detrimental and self-deprecating at the same time it is negative self-talk. As a hypnotherapist, I have seen all too often the effects of negative self-talk. And I have used the art of hypnosis to reframe the self-limiting beliefs that perpetuate it.

Negative self-talk is a normal response to some of life’s setbacks. Particularly those of a personal nature. We naturally want to blame ourselves for a personal setback such as falling short of a satisfactory score on a test, losing your job, or being rejected by someone we care about. It’s natural to wonder what we could have done better or differently, and we tend to want to punish ourselves.

But it’s when that kind of self-criticism begins to perpetuate that this behavior is harmful. We get trapped in a viscous cycle of self abuse and we begin to truly self sabotage. Sometimes we just need some reassurance of what we deserve after all we’ve worked for. It’s important to perform acts of kindness to ourselves, then we can start to recognize that when the dust has settled that we have encountered a blessing in disguise.

When one door closes a better one opens. And if at first, you don’t succeed, try again.