Staying up late or pulling an all-nighter cramming and studying before an important test is a drag.

Well that is not what you want to do to pass with flying colors. You want to be fresh and rested in the morning, you want to know the material and subject matter inside and out. That way you’ll walk into the classroom or testing center with your head held high, and relaxed and ready to knock that one out of the park.

I’ll share with you a brief case study story. A client came to me last year because she was struggling to pass a licensing exam to sell insurance, which was really weighing her down because of how disappointed and fearful she was. And she said that every test she ever took, going all the way back to grade school she never had a problem with…. Until she had to take that test. So to make a long story short, I found out that her study habits were not effective at all, because she was cramming and going over the basics of her subject matter, a day or two before the test.

And she couldn’t understand why that wasn’t working for her anymore. And I told her it’s because her past experiences developed a habit of unhealthy and ineffective preparation and a minimal body of knowledge about the subject matter. But the key factor is that this was no longer serving her.

And that’s where hypnosis comes into play. First I gave her some useful tips on studying and test taking strategies. And then through a personalized hypnosis session, I was able to reframe her limiting beliefs, and some exercises to envision her future self as being confident and accomplished.

And to wrap that story up, I found out a few weeks later that she did pass the test. Which was wonderful.

It’s important to understand that discouragement and self doubt create self-limiting beliefs, which will always hold us back from reaching our goals. And that hypnosis is a powerful tool to change old habits and reframe limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.