Using the power of hypnosis and the subconscious mind, I help struggling test takers pass tests and exams. Because my goal is to help people rise above their struggles and acquire the necessary tools to pass any test or exam in the future. Nothing is more rewarding to me than the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone conquer the same troubles I struggled with in the past.

But it’s very important to remember that when conquering this presenting issue will not always reach success the first time. That does not mean that my clients never get a passing score on a test the first time. It just means that some people require going back for more personalized hypnosis sessions because there were some things that either were not discussed or that they were thrown a curveball during the actual test that was not expected. It’s important to remember that exams, and professional licensing, certification, or credentialing exams are filled with pitfalls, that some people are daunted by. And I know, from personal experience, how discouraging and depressing that can be. It feels like something you’ll never be able to conquer, and you’re left with a big question mark above your head.

Personalized hypnosis works, in part, to help tackle your own self-limiting beliefs about test taking. One of the things I do for a client, when they’re in hypnosis is to create what’s called an anchor. This involves a physical exercise such as pinching your thumb and index finger together, followed by a hypnotic suggestion which replaces that fear with relaxation and confidence. Hypnotic anchors are always created just for one person, and no two are ever the same.

In conclusion, not passing a test the first time after using my hypnotherapy services is not a sign of failure. It doesn’t mean anything, other than you will get closer to victory the first time and you will succeed the second time. The big advantage to the second time is that you’ve already laid the foundation for effective test taking and preparation, and you have a better layout of the land the second time. That way you know what you’re up against going back for a second time.