Humor can be a powerful healing tool in our everyday lives. This is because laughter releases the necessary amounts of dopamine into our system which relieves stress.

As a hypnotherapist I specialize in helping test takers overcome crippling anxiety and better prepare themselves for an exam. Of course I help people prepare themselves by spending part of their day studying for their test or exam. But I also help people decide when to stop studying and do more leisurely activities so they can relax and unwind after a study session. This allows the information learned to be absorbed and retained in the subconscious mind. If information is retained in the subconscious, I guarantee you will answer the questions with absolute confidence.

I also have recently learned how humor can help better prepare someone for an important test or exam. I recommend that my clients finish their studying in the afternoon the day before the test so they can have plenty of free time to watch a funny movie in the evening. Laughter is a strong stress reliever because the dopamine stimulates the pleasure sensors of the brain. That, in turn, relieves stress and can even aide in your overall health.

So if you’re preparing for an exam, don’t spend the night before doing last minute revision, watch a funny movie and get the laughter going. You’ll have a great time and you will wake up on the morning of the test day feeling fresh, well rested, relaxed, and confident.