Are you someone who goes into a dark or scary state of mind and can’t come out of it easily? Well you will definitely want to read more about this.

As I’ve said before, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we go in and out of multiple times a day. But what most people don’t know is that when we start to worry about things that could go wrong or dangers that could present themselves, you are in hypnosis. Staying in a dark state of mind is not what you want when you’re working hard to reach your goals. Because a negative hypnotic state is what puts us into a viscous cycle of self doubt and irrational fears which cause us to self-sabotage.

Before I discovered hypnotherapy I was pursuing a career in special education, which did not go well. While I did earn a degree and got straight A’s in graduate school, I struggled with self doubt and self sabotage every day of my life without being fully aware of it. After I graduated I was not doing well at job interviews and I was weighed down heavily by discouragement. But the silver lining is that I realized I was unhappy, in part, because I was pursuing a career that wasn’t right for me.

I discovered hypnotherapy for the first time as a client. I knew a little bit about it and decided to try it to help find a new purpose in my life. I was blown away by the experience of being hypnotized. Because it made me realize that all I needed to do was believe in myself and what I was doing in order to have success on your own terms. I wasn’t failing at my past career because I wasn’t smart enough or because I was unethical. It was because I was stuck in a dark self-induced hypnotic state for too many years and I needed to get back in touch with my self-confidence and self esteem and break the vicious cycle of self doubt and self sabotage.

My goal is to help you let go of the past so that you can reach your goals. I specialize in hypnosis for test anxiety, because one lesson I learned about myself in graduate school is that I can learn powerful and effective test taking strategies that helped me succeed. And with my hypnotherapy for test anxiety program, you too will pass that all important test with flying colors. Even if at first, you didn’t succeed.