Are you someone who is struggling to pass an important test to earn a successful degree or start an exciting new career? Then you will definitely want to stick around and read this blog, where I can teach you effective study and test taking tools as well as helping you let go of any fear and anxiety you’re struggling with.

I’m going to share a little bit about myself. Before I became a hypnotherapist, I pursued a career as a special education teacher in California. I wanted to provide struggling K-12 students with a strong and effective educational experience that would provide them with learning skills I never had as a child. Unfortunately because of one set of barriers that I had to overcome was credentialing exams. I had to pass three that are required in California and I only managed to successfully pass two. The third was an examination of reading instruction which I failed five times. I then decided it was time to look for another career. I discovered hypnotherapy when I was working through the stress of making the decision to walk away from that career. The experience of being hypnotized was a wonderful one, and I decided to research it as a profession. It was then that I discovered Hypnosis Motivation Institute and the American Hypnosis Association which provides training and certification in hypnotherapy.

While I was preparing myself for the standardized tests for a special education career I learned some effective study and test taking tools and strategies. So when I became a hypnotherapist I discovered that I could help many other people who are struggling with tests and examinations. All while expanding my research of test anxiety with the clients I work with.

I work with the subconscious mind to optimize its behaviors so you can prepare yourself for a test and let go of the fear that is holding you back. It’s human nature to resist going back into a test for a retake after getting a failing grade or unsatisfactory score. That is what’s called anticipatory anxiety, because we become scared when we even think about retaking the test that we failed. Nobody wants to live in fear of the past, yet we always do because our subconscious is sensing danger, and going into Fight, Flight, or Freeze mode. What hypnosis does is it reframes our subconscious behavior to work in our favor and make us reach our goals by using personalized hypnotic exercises, suggestions, as well as relaxation techniques. It is also used to help let go of the past experiences of failure and replace them with visions and images of confidence, and superior judgement.

You will also learn effective and superior study skills, and test decoding skills that will allow you to walk in to the test full of energy with a smile on your face, and you will pass with flying colors.