Switching Cigarette brands

One of the key factors that makes my smoking cessation effective is the integration of one’s individual behaviors into the therapy. This includes switching cigarette brands after the third week. I always ask what brand you smoke and I also ask what brand or type of cigarettes you don’t like. Preferably I switch to a brand of all natural cigarettes such as Shermans. These have fewer additives and fewer carcinogens than a more generic brand such as Marlboro. They also are more distasteful and irritating to the throat than a more generic brand.

Part of the reason why the throat irritation being a reinforcer for breaking a smoking habit is that it changes the pleasurable subconscious associations with smoking. Part of the reason we chose a brand we like is they are easy to smoke and they taste good and they provide that relaxing sensation after taking a puff. Once the experience of puffing becomes dis-pleasurable we think “this is gross, or not nice” and then what I do in a hypnotherapy session is reinforce those unpleasant thoughts, designed to break the smoking habit.

Sometimes people ask if my program will work if they smoke natural brands such as Shermans or American Spirits, and the  answer is Yes. The only change we make is we decide what brand you don’t like, anything at all. I’ve found that most people who smoke American Spirits don’t like menthol cigarettes, so that’s what I switch them to.