Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we go in and out of multiple times a day. This includes something called self hypnosis, which is any deep train of thought that we go into and play out different scenarios in our heads, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Remember a time when you had an interest in someone you were considering asking out on a date. You were asking yourself all kinds of questions about how it would go down when you had the courage to ask them out. Questions like “what if she, or he, says no? What if they’re already seeing someone else? What if I’m not their type?” Perfectly natural form of anticipation that make us quite anxious. Next, imagine a time when you decided not to ask your love interest out because you decided you would be rejected anyway, and the pressure was gone.

It’s that kind of negative self-hypnosis that causes us to self-sabotage. Which is caused by the very thing that I, as a hypnotherapist, seek out to treat; Self-Limiting Beliefs. People sometimes get stuck in a rut of denying themselves a chance at success because they believe that they’re unworthy, not good enough, undeserving, etc. Hypnotherapy allows your subconscious mind to become open to new suggestions that you are better than you believe you are. And sometimes people make realizations about themselves that they hadn’t thought of or were unaware of. It’s this kind of behavior modification that makes hypnotherapy so effective. But helping people improve their self esteem to start new relationships is just one of the things that I help people overcome.