What is hypnosis?

I am frequently asked by people, “what is hypnosis?” 

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring mental state that we go into multiple times a day, usually we’re completely unaware of it happening. We are in hypnosis when we are driving down the road and we miss our turn, something I too have done many many times. We are in hypnosis when we’re watching TV or a movie and getting in trance with the story and feel like we’re in it and actually experiencing it while it’s happening on screen. We are in hypnosis when we’re daydreaming, or when we are waking up in the morning feeling a bit groggy. And we’re in hypnosis when we’re laughing or crying. Those are all examples of what is called Environmental Hypnosis.

When someone comes to me wanting to work on a presenting issue that pertains to any form of habit control, or even limiting beliefs about themselves, I use that naturally occurring state to put them in trance and begin a hypnosis session. Each appointment consists of an interview, followed by the actual hypnosis. A hypnosis session starts with an induction exercise to create the hypnotic state of mind. Followed by a relaxation exercise to deepen the hypnosis and relax the body. I then take you on a personalized journey of hypnotic suggestions relating to their presenting issues, as well as holistic exercises, NLP exercises, and also hypnotic imagery. I then, after 20 minutes of hypnosis snap my finger and count you out of hypnosis and you’re back in your regular state of mind. When you’re in hypnosis you are still awake and aware of everything going on around you.