Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool for helping you overcoming fears and anxieties. Especially if it’s a fear that is holding you back in some important aspect of your life. This usually consists of an irrational fear, such as a fear of success. 

Fear is a normal and naturally occurring part of the human mind that protects us from any approaching danger. It is one of our natural defenses that is part of our fight or flight instinct where we run away from, or fight danger. But our fears can sometimes become a disservice to us because it holds us back from reaching our goals. Both vocational and avocational. 

Any fear that is holding us back causes us to commit small, and sometimes unnoticeable, acts of self sabotage. The reason we fear success is because we fear the changes that come with some major successes. With hypnosis, I can access the part of your subconscious mind where that fear is coming from. From there, while you’re in a suggestive state, we begin to systematically desensitize all of the triggers that make you feel scared. 

All of the hypnosis exercises I do are tailored just for you, because everyone leads different lives and nobody’s fears are the same. Everyone also has different suggestibility types, some people respond better if the hypnotic suggestions are literal, while others reaping better if they are inferred.