Hypnotherapy is safe and completely naturally occurring.

Hypnotherapy is often portrayed in the media as being a form of mind manipulation or mind control to pressure people to do things they shouldn’t or are uncomfortable doing. Of course, film makers need to alter the truth or facts about various things for the purpose of entertainment in order for their films to sell. But there are many myths about hypnotherapy that I dispel during session or in every day conversations.
In therapy trust is key, and that means that the facilitator never makes a client reveal any personal information they’re not comfortable sharing. Also if someone is afraid of hypnotherapy because they will give up control of themselves or their mind. Well, that’s not how hypnosis works, what I do is give suggestions to my clients both during the interview and hypnotic suggestions during the actual hypnosis session. All hypnotic suggestions are specific to your presenting issue and they work by accessing the subconscious mind to reframe something negative that the client wants to change or modify into something that is associated with pleasure and not pain. A presenting issue can be any form of unwanted behavior or a bad habit. It can be smoking, stress eating, procrastinating, or negative self talk.
When you’re in hypnosis you are still awake and aware of your surroundings, but your body is completely relaxed while the mind is suggestible to any suggestions I give. It is similar to guided meditation and the hypnosis session lasts for 20 minutes. I book my clients for a session once a week.