Have you tried, and failed, to quit smoking by vaping, quitting cold Turkey, by using nicotine patches, chewing nicotine gum, or by using Chantix?

Well, you’re not alone. The reason those are not right for everyone is because we are all different, and some people need to allow their bodies to acclimate and adjust to lower levels or a complete withdrawal of nicotine.
With my 6 week smoking cessation program you can become permanently smoke free and the best news is you can still smoke during those 6 weeks.
the way hypnosis works is I take you on a guided journey of hypnotic imagery and hypnotic exercises designed just to help you quit smoking. I work with the subconscious mind, which makes up 88% of the human mind, and the Conscious mind making up 12%. The subconscious only knows Fight or Flight, Pain, and Pleasure. Smoking is a pleasurable activity that soothes you and relaxes you. Of course it wasn’t always that way, cigarettes are painful for someone the first time they try them. But through a reward you were chasing, you persisted long enough to enjoy smoking.
Now that you want to stop smoking for good, hypnosis works to reframe your subconscious know s associated with pleasure into something displeasurable. Over the course of that 6 week program you will smoke progressively less and less with each week and you will also switch cigarette brands after week 3.
With me guiding the subconscious 88% during the hypnosis session and you still controlling your 12% conscious mind, we can create a 100% successful outcome.