I want to welcome all of you to my blog.

I am a hypnotherapist, and I help people improve the quality of their lives and break old habits such as smoking, procrastination, nail biting, negative self talk, and most important of all, negative self talk.

What is hypnotherapy and what is hypnosis, You might ask.

Hypnotherapy uses the natural state of hypnosis to help you reach goals that you have failed or cannot reach on your own. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we go in and out of multiple times a day. When you’re driving down the street and miss your turn, when you’re watching your favorite movie, daydreaming, laughing or crying, or when you’re waking up in the morning you’re in hypnosis.

People ask me if hypnosis actually works. The short answer is, Yes. I want you to think of something that you like to do for fun that was not necessarily fun the first time you tried it. You had to learn to like it, whether it was to impress your date, or your friends, or because you would get a reward for doing it. Through a process known as operant conditioning, you went from being skeptical about what you were starting off doing to seeing small rewards in it and you began to enjoy it more and more.

This could include smoking cigarettes, you knew about it and you may not have liked it at first, but you stuck with it because you wanted to impress some of your friends, or co-workers or maybe even family members because you wanted to be cool like them. But the first time you took a puff, your body reacted and you started to cough violently, because your body was saying “why are you putting this poison inside of me?” But since you were after that reward of being cool or part of the in-crowd you learned to like it more and more.

I also get asked if hypnosis can help people quit smoking. Yes it does help you quit smoking, permanently. Because it uses hypnotic suggestions and conditioning to take what you learned to like back in the day and learn to un-like it. Suggestions like, “cigarettes are making you a social pariah because they make you smell bad,” or “cigarettes are not your friend, because they’re making you spend hundreds of dollars each month for something that could ruin your health”. Hypnosis reframes your subconscious mind to a healthier state so you no longer have to make conscious decisions not to fall back on old behaviors that created unwanted habits.

Hypnosis is safe, organic, and completely drug free.